Sports Medicine Research Laboratory (SMRL)

The Sports Medicine Research Laboratory (SMRL) of the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) focuses its research on the impact of physical activity and lack thereof on the human body of healthy, injured or diseased individuals. Its general goal is to provide decisive information and new solutions for prevention, therapy and sports-related issues to patients, athletes of any level, trainers, physical therapists, medical doctors and decision makers in sports and public health. Through the privileged partnership with the Sportsclinic Eich of the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL), the SMRL has developed several lines of research since its creation in 2009. Many other collaborations have followed since with scientific societies, universities and private companies across Europe and beyond.

  • Areas of expertise

    One of the main research axes is the study of prevention, diagnosis and clinical follow-up of knee soft tissue injuries, with particular emphasis on anterior cruciate ligament ruptures. The SMRL collects data on clinical, physical and laximetric examinations with the goal to fully assess the pathology, improve diagnostic tools and offer individualised support to patients, thus implementing the modern concept of personalised medicine.

    The SMRL has developed an innovative sports injury surveillance system, termed TIPPS (Training and Injury Prevention Platform for Sports) to study injury occurrence and prevention in different contexts. It is an electronic sports agenda accessible via Internet that collects epidemiological data on athletes’ training characteristics and sport injuries. The system allows an efficient follow-up by trainers and medical staff to optimise safe sports practice. In this respect, the laboratory has developed a strong expertise in the epidemiology and biomechanics of running-related injuries of leisure-time runners.

    The new project ‘Sport-Santé’ ties in with the thematic focus of the laboratory and benefits from its strong expertise. It will address the need of creating awareness for therapeutic physical activity and of extending the current offer of therapeutic sports for patients. By bringing the project to success, the SMRL will be in line with its conviction: sports and physical activity are an essential part of disease prevention and treatment.

  • Training and education

    To support the career development of young researchers in medical, rehabilitation and sport sciences, the SMRL is strongly involved in training and education, especially for doctoral candidates. It also fosters information for specialists and the general public, namely through the co-organisation of scientific conferences and the active participation in research-promoting initiatives.

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12 Mai 2019 : Marche populaire Sport-Santé

Lënster Trëppler organise le 12 mai 2019 une Marche Populaire Sport-Santé à Junglinster en partenariat avec Sport-Santé et l’Association Luxembourgeoise du Diabète. Vous trouverez des informations concernant le sport de santé au Luxembourg sur les stands de la Fédération Luxembourgeoise des...

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World Heart Day 2018

La Société Luxembourgeoise de Cardiologie organise une journée de sensibilisation publique le mercredi 26 septembre 2018, de 10h à 16h, Place d'Armes à Luxembourg Ville qui comprendra des ateliers pédagogiques, des stands d'informations dont celui de Sport-Santé, de l'ALGSC, de Blëtz et la Maison...

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Marche Populaire Sport-Santé 2018

En date du 9 septembre 2018, la Wanderfalken Steinfort Asbl a organisé la 1ère Marche Populaire Sport-Santé à Steinfort. Lors de la Marche Populaire Sport-Santé 2018, Sport-Santé était présent pour faire connaitre l'offre en matière d'activité physique thérapeutique aux marcheurs. Flyer de la...

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